About Us


During a Home Watch Check we perform a visual inspection of your home or property looking for obvious issues. If any concerns are noted, we are happy to help coordinate the repairs and resolve the problem so you can continue to spend time focusing on your family and friends. 

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Personalized Approach

Good Life Home Watch is owned by Jennifer Frost and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. We have been offering comprehensive home watch and concierge services for the Tampa Bay area since 2012. Good Life Home Watch is licensed, bonded, insured and an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) 

Excellence and Professionalism 

With an MBA in Project Management, and having worked for the world’s largest provider of live family entertainment for over 20 years, Good Life Home Watch's owner Jennifer is a master at managing complex logistics. The details required to move complex touring shows around the globe, and the experience of being away from home for extended periods of time, has provided Jen with the unique ability to relate to her customers and look after their homes with care and attentiveness.


Whether it is keeping a close eye on a customer’s home, and performing regular checks while they are away, or assisting in access for vendors and contractors, Good Life Home Watch clients benefit from the peace of mind of knowing they are being cared for by a company that is insured, bonded and licensed with the city of Saint Petersburg.

Gardening Together

Our mission at Good Life Home Watch is to give our clients back their time and provide peace of mind so they can fully enjoy the lives that they have built with family and friends. We do this for our clients by regularly checking on their homes and by coordinating solutions to problems that arise while ensuring our clients receive the highest in quality work and customer service. Our attention to all the little details and coming up with solutions is what keeps our clients coming back for more.

Allison Nacsa: Home Watch Professional

“After spending so many years traveling I know what it is like to be away from home. It gives me great pleasure to be able to look after your home while you are away.”


Jen & Allison were lucky enough to meet on their very first contract with Disney on Ice over 20 years ago and soon became close, trusted friends.  When it was time to settle in one location, Allison knew that the St. Pete area was where she wanted to be and Jen is happy to have her on the team! In addition to caring for our clients home for Good Life Home Watch, Allison also performs at Busch Gardens as the lead pair team with her husband, Alex and coaches skating in the Tampa Bay Area.