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Find Absentee Home Watch Services Near Me



If you’re leaving your property for any amount of time, you need it looked after.

That’s probably why you’ve searched for “absentee home watch services near me”.

It doesn’t matter how long you go away for, a break in can occur within minutes if people realize that your home is unprotected and unmonitored.


That’s why we exist. 


We go from home to home and ensure that your property is in the same condition you left it.

We use monitoring software that you get access to.  As we check your home, we add notes to the software program, you can login and access these records from anywhere that you have internet.


What do we do?


We follow a schedule that we’ll discuss and fine tune with your input.  Our aim is to try keep the same kind of activity happening at your property, even if no-one is home.

We follow a checklist as we go about your property, which is in alignment with the checkpoints we have in the program, for example:


  • Windows intact

  • Doors secure

  • Any Signs of Mold

  • State of Vegetation

  • Water Pooling



Note, these are only a small sample of the checks we do while on your premises. 

Each property will have different checks in place.

We normally do a full assessment before we take on any work with our clients, so that we have full knowledge of the expectations you have of us.


What do we do with this information?


Once the home inspection is done, we add our notes to the software platform. 

Only you and I have access. 

We keep all information strictly private and the software program itself is based on bank grade security, using https protocols.

If we happen to write any information on paper, this paper is destroyed by shredding the moment all the data has been transferred into the software program.


What if I have regular workers or contractors?


We don’t expect you to do anything while you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.  We’ll do access control on your behalf.


All we’ll need to know is:


  • Who they are

  • What they look like

  • What days they come

  • From when to when are they allowed on the property

  • What are they allowed to bring and take home with them?



These are a few basic questions we’ll ask you, but there are many, many more that will pop into our minds as we go round your home and do our assessment. 


Why do you need to do an assessment?


Our goal with each assessment we do, is to get as clear a picture of your regular activities as possible, so that we can try and keep the same kind of level of activity going. 

 We need to make it look as if you are home, so that any potential criminals monitoring your premises, see that there’s activity.  The more regular the activity, the bigger the deterrent is to criminals.

We also only do assessments for first time customers.  Why?  Because we don’t know anything about you or your family.

We like becoming friends, getting to know everyone in the family and some of your unique habits that allows us to tailor our service specifically to your home.

It would be a big signal to criminals if we did exactly the same thing at every single home we looked after.


Got More Questions? 


We’ll be happy to answer.  Reach out to us and let’s chat.


We’re based in St Petersberg and work primarily with clients in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.


If your second home happens to be in any of these two areas, give us a call.  Or use our bot, or contact form to get in touch. 


We’re also on Whatsapp, so that will be a great way to get instant service from us.


You can also find us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  Reach out to us across any of these channels and we’ll be more than happy to help.  Search for Goodlifehomewatch.  Or look for GLHomewatch on Twitter.


There’s no reason for you to wonder if there’s an absentee home watch service near me again.  Now you know, there is one right on your doorstep.

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