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Best Home Watch Service Florida



Looking for the best home watch service in Florida?  We don’t claim to be the best home watch service, but we do our best to help you in every way humanly possible.



What is a Home Watch Service?


A home watch service is basically a person or a group or people who look after homes while the homeowners are away, either on vacation or living in another home for an extended period of time.

Some of our more regular customers have more than one home, often spending half the year in one home, then moving to the other home for the other half of the year.

The most common reason for this double ownership has to do with the seasons. 

As it gets colder, people move to the warmer locations and as the seasons change again, the owners move again.


Why Do We Need You?


While you’re away, we take care of your property. 

You obviously can control “some things” while you’re away, but not everything.


You can for instance:


  • Set the alarm

  • Switch on lights

  • Open curtains

  • Start the sprinklers

  • Watch your Surveillance/CCTV Cameras



You can do these things remotely.  You can even have automated systems, like smart home gadgets that do most of these things for you, but, you cannot be home to do everything, like:


  • Controlling Access to your property

  • Checking for mold

  • Preparing your home for an approaching storm

  • Taking out the garbage

  • Doing perimeter security checks



There’s a string of other activities I can add on here, but won’t.  We can talk about everything we do, when we meet. 


We’ll tailor a service to suit your specific needs.


What are your rates?


We typically don’t discuss rates until we’ve done an assessment and know what your expectations are. 

Obviously, the more we have to do, the more we will require in terms of payment.

Time is money, so everything we do, is based on the total time spent on site.


What will you do for us?


Just before you leave your home, we’ll pop round to make sure you’ve followed our checklist and closed up your home properly.

We’ll get you familiar with our software before you leave, so that you know what to expect from us while you’re away.


What we’ll be doing in your absence:


  • Visiting your home on the specified schedule

  • Checking for any security breaches

  • Checking for Power

  • Checking all exterior walls, doors, windows

  • Removing post and taking out the trash



These are just a few of the things we do regularly.  We also control access to your premises, board up homes, work with police and monitoring services, etc. 

As we said, we’ll tailor a service specifically for your needs.


What kind of feedback can we expect?


We work according to a checklist, which is identical to the points that we report on in our software program. 

As we move round your property, we will make notes and check off items on the checklist.

We may use our devices on site, if the internet connection is stable enough.  But, if the connection is dodgy and our data gets corrupted, we’ll use paper, fill everything in then transfer the data to the software later on.

When we’re able to use our devices on site, it allows you to see us in real time, doing our inspections.

The software allocates GPS co-ordinates to each device and we have our names assigned. 

That means - if we’re part of a team, you can see which team member was on site.


What feedback you can expect:


  • Daily reports if required

  • Instant SMS or text messages

  • Weekly reports

  • Consolidated monthly reports

  • Email alerts



Before you leave your home, we’ll walk through your home together. 

You can tell us what you want checked, we’ll make additions to our software, and as anything new comes to mind, you can just let us know and we can adjust the software to suit your needs.

We must do a handover of your property before you depart, otherwise it can get a bit awkward if there are things that were supposed to be added, but weren’t.


Are You The Best Home Watch Service in Florida?


We might be!  I’m not sure.  One day, you might meet my other customers and you can ask them.





For now, all I can say is that my service is based in St Petersberg (St Pete) and I serve people in the Tampa Bay Area.

I’ve been doing this for years and have a loyal client base.

To reach me, you can use the contact form on this site, use the Bot, or Whatsapp me.

I am also on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.


There you have it, loads of ways to get in touch.


Don’t leave the security of your property at risk.  You don’t always have to rely on friends and family to look after your home. 

I know it can seem weird getting someone else looking after your home, but it’s better than putting that burden on them.

You don’t know how many stories I’ve heard about friends and family being resentful because of having to look after someone’s home while they’re away.

Get in touch with us and we’ll set a time to come chat with you. 

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