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What’s a Full Service Home Watch?



Some people don’t know that home watch services exist.    I often have to explain what a full service home watch includes.


Hopefully by answering this simple question, you’ll have a better understanding of what a full service home watch includes.



What is a Full Service Home Watch?


As is the case with most service suppliers, we all have different packages that we offer our customers, all depending on their budgets.


Most notably, you will find the following kind of packages:


  • Basic Home Watch Service

  • Standard Home Watch Service

  • Full Service Home Watch



In this case, we’re explaining the full service package, so let’s dive in a little deeper.


What can be included in this package?



always make people aware that not everyone has the exact same needs and the budget to get what they want.

So, for every client that we serve, we customize the package we offer.  But, that’s not to say that the packages are only created when we meet clients for the first time.


We have a standard format for each package that is different for every type of home and business.


Let’s skip the first two packages and dive right into the full service package.  In this package, we could include:  (*NB:  Will Vary)


  • Checking for Mold

  • Access Control

  • Perimeter Checks

  • Checking the Pool and adding clearing solutions, removing leaves

  • Removing Post and Forwarding to Other home

  • Putting Trash out and returning bin to yard

  • Checking Entry and Exit of Contractors

  • Reporting on Work Progress

  • Managing Domestic Workers

  • Checking Roof

  • Securing Windows and Doors

  • Setting the alarm

  • Monitoring the Cameras 24/7

  • Opening windows and curtains during the day

  • Leaving vehicles in the driveway

  • Clearing Vegetation close to the home

  • Clearing the Perimeter of overgrown vegetation

  • Boarding up the home if a storm approaches

  • Storm-watch reporting

  • Working together with first responders

  • Checking fire extinguishers

  • Checking smoke detectors

  • Checking gas detectors

  • Checking water sensors

  • Checking the boiler room

  • Securing all exterior buildings

  • Moving outdoor décor indoors



The above list is by no means complete.  It does however give you a very broad overview of all the things we can do for you while you’re away.

It is understandable if you think that the majority of these things can be automated with smart devices.  

Not everyone though, has the budget for that and not everyone wants to rely on technology to do the small things in life for them, they appreciate the fact that they still have a lot of control.




As I’ve already mentioned, we tailor packages to suit YOU, not what WE think you need.

With that in mind, it’s always imperative that we set a time to meet and talk about your home.


We need to understand:


  • What’s most valuable to you

  • What’s most important to you

  • What activities happen round the home on a daily basis

  • How often is there movement into and out of your home

  • What time do the lights go on and off

  • Which rooms are often lit up at night and what times

  • What cars frequently stay in the driveway and for how long

  • Are there any neighbours that can park in your driveway

  • Do you have servants or cleaners coming in

  • Do you have pictures of everyone that can enter your home

  • Do you have garden services

  • Do you have pool cleaning services

  • Do you have any other maintenance staff

  • What need to stay on

  • Do you have any emergency backup systems

  • Do you have an alarm system to activate deactivate

  • Are there movement sensor beams

  • How will we get access

  • What things can contractors bring to your home

  • What things may workers remove from your property

  • How often do we need to report to you

  • What times can we get in touch

  • Further questions take place as the need arises



As you can see, we need to get a complete picture of the responsibilities we’ll be given and we’ll leave no stone unturned in order to get as much information as possible from you, before you leave.

 We don’t want to call you every five minutes while you’re thousands of miles away and get you really, REALLY frustrated, because we should have asked these questions in the FIRST PLACE!

So, when we meet for the first time, be prepared to spend at least 2 -3 hours with us, being bombarded with questions so that we get clarity on our responsibilities.


Setting up the Contract


You want to ensure that you’re covered should something go wrong and we want to ensure our business is covered.

Our contracts are simple to understand and aren’t filled with legal mumbo jumbo.

We want you to be able to read and clearly understand each of our responsibilities. 

Obviously, we’re insured and will never do any work for anyone, unless we can be guaranteed that the property we’re going to work in, is insured.


Is the Business Bonded?


Our Business is fully insured and bonded, as well as being part of the national home watch association.

The NHWA (National Home Watch Association) is the governing body of all the home watch services in the USA.

Should you ever have an issue with our service, they are the people you can get in touch with to mediate any issues.




I hope that the explanation given above about what a full service home watch is, has been successful.

If you are still left wondering what a full service home watch service is, then please get in touch with us.  I will be more than happy to further clarify it for you.


From what I’ve explained above, I hope it makes sense.  A full service just means that a whole lot more gets done around the property.  Obviously, the more time we have to spend on a property, the higher the rates will be, and the more responsibilities we’re given, the higher the risk for us and thus, the higher the rate.

Like I’ve already mentioned, there’s no cookie cutter packages here, we tailor each one to suit your specific needs, because no two homes are the same.


Where can we reach you?


The first place you can reach us is right here, click on the chatbot and send us a message. 

Use our contact form.

You can call us, look in the footer of our site for the number to call.


We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • In Facebook look for Goodlifehomewatch

  • On Twitter look for GLHomewatch

  • On Pinterest look for Goodlifehomewatch

  • On Instagram look for Goodlifehomewatch


You can use Messenger in Facebook to reach us and you can also get in touch with us on Whatsapp, just check our number below to get in touch.


We look forward to being of service and getting to know you.

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