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Home Watch Service


A Home Watch service can be a great thing to make use of, especially if you travel a lot or have more than one home. 

A home watch service allows you to have more freedom to pack your bags and move to another location, knowing that you can still manage all your property, from wherever you are.


Home Watch Services Are A Great Fit


There are certain types of people who seem to be the best fit for a home watch service. 


Are you one of these people? –


  • Previous Business Owner

  • Retired Business Owner

  • Actor

  • Billionaire

  • Millionaire

  • Tycoon

  • Franchise Owner

  • Chef

  • Celebrity

  • Movie Star

  • Rock Star

  • Frequent Traveller

  • Multi-location franchise Owner

  • CEO



If you’re one of the listed people, the chances are quite high that you have more than one property in your portfolio of investments

Some people like cars, some people like planes, some like boats, then some like to buy homes or real estate.

Whatever your inclination, I’m here to talk about home watch services.


Florida Home Watch Service


I run a home watch service from St Pete (Saint Petersberg), Florida.  I focus on the Tampa Bay area and surrounds.

If you’ve bought property, or invested in real estate in the Tampa Bay area, I would love to have a chat with you.


What is your Home Watch Service about?


We work with home and real estate owners, managing their properties while they move from one location to another.


Day to day activities include:


  • Managing gardening services

  • Managing cleaners

  • Managing maintenance contractors

  • Checking for structural problems – water, mold, bugs

  • Checking electrics – AC, Thermostats, Heaters

  •  Illumination – lights, windows, curtains

  • Security - Cameras, perimeter, doors, gates, garages

  • Checking exterior décor

  • Managing vegetation

  • Refuse removal

  • Postage and newspaper forwarding

  • Reporting findings

  • Liaising with staff

  • Getting costs and estimates for repairs

  • General communication with estate owners and managers

  • Insurance policy management

  • Risk assessments and reporting



The above are only a small part of the services my team and I offer.  Each location is different so we tailor our services to deliver whatever you need.


Legal Matters


We’re fully bonded and insured, while also being registered with the National Home Watch Association.

We have SLA Agreements and you can always get in touch with us to stay up to date with our activities by logging into our reporting software.




A Home Watch Service is a great fit for all the types of people we listed at the beginning of this post.

If you want to have your property managed and taken care of while you location hop, talk to us.  We’ll be more than happy to manage your property and report back to you every day.

Our job is to integrate with your lifestyle, so that we become an extension of your family. 

Have peace of mind, knowing that no matter where you are, your property is still being taken care of, and will look just the same, if not better next time you enter the front door.

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