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How To Appear To Be Home – Even When You’re Not

People with ill intentions are less likely to target a home where there is always a lot of activity. They would rather target homes that are easy targets.

Easy targets would be vacant homes, or empty homes.

Vacant premises are often the result of people having more than one home, spending half of the year in one location, then swapping locations as seasons change.

Other times, people move, and leave their homes empty, but don’t always take all their belongings at once, choosing to come back at certain intervals to retrieve their property

What Are Criminals Thinking About?

Criminals will plan their activity. The harder their plan seems, the more likely they’ll move on to another target.

The easier it is, the more interested they will become, and continue watching a place to find out:

  • Is there someone watching the house

  • Are lights coming on at regular times

  • Are there vehicles coming and going

  • Is the garbage being taken out

  • Is the garden being tended to

  • Is anyone watering the plants

  • Are there servants coming to the home

  • Is post collecting in the post-box

  • Are there any people fixing the home

  • Are there exterior cameras

  • Are the exterior lights coming on and going off at the same time every day

  • Are windows and doors being opened

  • Are the curtains being drawn and opened

These are all signs of life that they look for. If any or all of these activities are taking place, then they can be assured that there are people at the property.

They will most likely move on to an easier target.

What are the options available for me to Make It “Look Like” I’m Home, while I’m away?

While we aren’t all fortunate to have family or friends to look after our premises (because we don’t always trust them), there are options available to you.

Home watch services were born because of this need to have someone around, to manage contractors and other vendors coming to work at our homes while we’re on vacation, or staying elsewhere for a certain amount of time.

Home watch service providers offer a number of services:

  • Home inspection for – mold, hurricane damage, water leaks, rust, etc

  • Security inspections – Lights, Cameras, Gates, Windows, Roof, etc

  • Reports – Inspection reports, hazards reports, vulnerability reports

  • Vendors/Contractors – Be present to allow contractors/vendors to perform repairs

  • Plus many other services – varying from one service provider to another

Think of a home watch service like a twin of yours. We’re your eyes and ears at this location, while you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We’ll make sure your home is taken care of, so that it’s in the same, if not better condition, than when you were here last.

7 Things You Can Do “To Appear” To Be home – While You’re Not

  1. The Garbage – make sure there is someone around to take the garbage out, even if the bin is empty. Once the truck rolls past, bring the bin back in.

  2. Post – make sure to take any post out of the post-box. Post piling up at the post-box is a sure giveaway than no-one is home.

  3. Curtains – let someone open window curtains in the morning and close them again in the evening. Home automation can be used for this.

  4. Interior Lights – Have different interior lights come on and go off at random times. Use home automation switches for this.

  5. Exterior Security Lights – Have them come on and go off at random times every morning and evening.

  6. Water the Garden – let someone come round to water the garden. The presence of water in the vicinity of your garden will be a tell-tale sign of activity at your home. This can also be achieved with home automation.

  7. Vehicles – Chat to your friends and neighbors. Let them know you’re going to be away and invite them to park in your driveway while you’re away. Having vehicles visible in the driveway will be another sign of activity at the home.

There’s a lot more you can do to make it appear like you’re home, while you’re not. But, like we said, home watch services are here to do all of these things and more.

At Good Life home Watch Services, we do all of these things for you. We use tracking and reporting technology supplied by QRDit.

How we Monitor and Report

Below is a video of the software platform we use. It’s just a basic overview of the software, but it will give you a better understanding of what we do, what we look for and how we report back to you.

Benefits of working with an Accredited Home Watch Service

If you’re considering hiring a home watch service, you might think it better to just get a family friend, neighbor or relative to come look after your place.

But then, you may have some lingering “what if” scenarios play out in your mind:

  • What if a serious situation arises?

  • What if someone needs to take swift action on your behalf?

  • What if your house is burgled or nearly burgled?

These “what if” scenarios are no doubt playing out in the minds of the very people you’re asking to come look after your place too.

Then again, they have to leave their own schedule, make time to come to look after your place too, and who says they will do as they say?

It can be even more costly having someone else looking after your place.

The other option you have, is to hire an accredited, experienced home watch service provider.

When you hire a home watch service provider the benefits far exceed the cost.

The benefits can include:

  • Regularly scheduled property visits to inspect for and prevent property damage

  • Visible activity will deter potential criminals from moving in

  • Weekly reports detailing all relevant information during your absence

  • Inspections for - leaks, insects, mold and other potential threats

  • Responding to alarm activations and working with local authorities

  • Supervision of contractors maintaining air-conditioning, heating systems and gardening

  • Managing property access for third parties (with permission from the owner)

  • Addressing problems with landscapers and lawn services

  • Liaison between contractors, associations, realtors, etc

  • Implementing any emergency plans – storm, hurricane, fire, gas threats

  • Provide custom services unique to your needs.

With a home watch service, it is these benefits that will leave you with peace of mind and assurance that one of your greatest investments will be protected and cared for.

Whenever you return from your travels, you know that when you walk in the door, there won’t be any nasty surprises waiting for you.

Peace of mind is priceless.

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